The ASKLab conducts highly interdisciplinary research on several fundamental research topics and on a number of applied domains ranging from psychology and social sciences to civil engineering.

Our fundamental research is focused on the study of knowledge and its representation as stepping stones for research in autonomy and security. While the acronym "ASK" is obtained from the three key components of Knowledge, Autonomy and Security, it is also suggestive of our belief that research on meaningful, interactive dialogue with users and other agents is fundamental for the success of intelligent systems.

In the area of Knowledge, we conduct research in knowledge representation, reasoning, information science and data science. Our approaches are often rooted in logic-based approaches and constraint-based reasoning. In the area of Autonomy, our work includes research on agent-based systems and decision-support systems and is often based on techniques for Reasoning about Actions and Change. In the area of Security, we conduct research on techniques for modeling complex systems and their evolution over time, and for using those models to address issues in safety, security, and cybersecurity.