Current Researchers

Marcello Balduccini

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Balduccini is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Decision & System Sciences of Saint Joseph's University's Erivan K. Haub School of Business. His fundamental research interests are focused on knowledge representation & reasoning, including ontologies, agent architectures, commonsense, natural language understanding, and constraint satisfaction. Application domains of interest include decision-making/decision-support systems, cyber-security and cyber-physical systems, cognitive robotics, intelligent unmanned vehicles, behavior modeling, and model-based user interfaces. Prior to joining Saint Joseph's University, Dr. Balduccini was an Assistant Research Professor at Drexel University and, before that, served as Principal Research Scientist at Kodak Research Labs, Eastman Kodak Company. Dr. Balduccini has authored or co-authored about 100 refereed technical publications.

Personal Website: Link

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Dylan Flynn

I am a freshman at Saint Joseph's University majoring in Business Analytics and Physics. I hope to use what I learn in ASKLab in these fields in an attempt to make new discoveries, along with possibly exploring applications to music and investing.

Andrew Holmberg

I am currently a junior at Saint Joseph's University majoring in Machine Learning for Business Applications with minors in computer science and math. I am particularly interested in applications of machine learning and decision fusion techniques. When I am not in classes, I work as a software engineering intern at WebstaurantStore. In my free time, I enjoy reading science-fiction and learning new things.


Ryan Hutchinson

Data Scientist and "People Analyst" with a knack for uncovering hidden gems from messy information. Currently pursuing a Bachelor's in Machine Learning from Saint Joseph's University, and a MicroMasters certificate from Georgia Tech (GTx) in Analytics. I'm currently working for PwC, and really enjoy connecting with people from various backgrounds. I'm obsessed with learning & creating new things - whether that be building furniture in my garage, renovating my house, composing music, or cooking for friends and family.


Chasity Nadeau

I am currently a student in the Masters of Science in Business Intelligence and Analytics program at Saint Joseph's University. As a graduate assistant of the Department of Decision of System Sciences, I have taught one-hour recitation type sections of DSS 100: Excel Competency. Recently, I have been working with explainable artificial intelligence and machine learning research as a way to measure risks of artificial intelligence. With that research, I curated a presentation tailored to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to work with them at the opportunity to expand the CPS Framework. In my free time, I enjoy reading, listening to music and travelling.


Jeannine Shantz

I am a Cyber Analytics student at Saint Joseph's University and most enjoy focusing on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. I hold a Master's in Instructional Technology with extensive experience in higher ed. Currently I am working on a model utilizing Machine Learning to predict student success. My background includes programming and recently I added Python and R to my toolbox. In my freetime I enjoy exploring innovative technology for teaching and learning such as gaming and VR/AR. In addition, I enjoy traveling, and walking on the beach.



Akanksha Sinha

I am a Business Intelligence major dual degree (MBA-MS) student at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia. My philosophy is to be humble and be a life long learner. I am on a journey to connect the dots between business and business intelligence. So far, I have explored the world of Data Visualization and currently exploring the deeper understanding of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Cyber Security.

My current research interests include:

  • Cybersecurity

  • Healthcare AI

  • Improving the 'Human Intelligence' through the power of 'Artificial Intelligence'

In my spare time, I love exploring new places, photography, long drives, learning new languages and skills.

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Elizabeth Ehrhardt

I am a junior Computer Science major with minors in Mathematics, Psychology, and Neuroscience. I have experience in Java, Python, and R. I am very interested in Cybersecurity.

In my free time I like to listen to music, go on walks, and cook.


Kara McLaughlin

I am a Computer Science major, Data Science and Mathematics minor, and Honors Student at Saint Joseph's University. My programming experience is mostly in the languages Java, Python, PHP, and JavaScript as well as experience with MySQL and MongoDB Databases. My capstone project focuses on Natural Language Processing (NLP) and I have a strong interest in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. In my free time, I enjoy collecting plants, roller skating, traveling, and participating in programming competitions.


Chinmay Rajvanshi

I am a lawyer turned into a Data Analyst. Currently pursuing an MS in Business Intelligence and Analytics at

Saint Joseph's University. My skills include Tableau, Power BI, MS Excel, SQL, Google Analytics and Python.

I have a strong interest in the field of Data Analysis and Visualization. In my free time, I enjoy reading, working out,

travelling and playing Lawn Tennis.


Emily LeBlanc

I am a PhD candidate of Computer Science at Drexel University. My research interests include Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KRR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) as they pertain to Computational Causality, Question Answering, and Information Retrieval. My dissertation work focuses on the discovery and generalization of causal relationships by analyzing the occurrence of events in a particular domain. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, running, biking, and woodwork.

Ankush Israney

My name is Ankush Israney and I am a Master's Student in Computer Science at Drexel University. I am working at the ASK Lab since June 2016. My initial research interests were focused on Cognitive Robotics and agent use-cases at the interesection of CASP & PDDL+ implemented on the RoS robotic platform. I also had a brief encounter with Information Retrieval to identify and classify Event and Temporal Expressions (in Fall of 2016). Currently, my primary research interests are focused on Human Activity Recognition and Question Answering mechanisms to reason about the same.


Adit Gupta

Adit Gupta is a Junior, majoring in software engineering and minoring in mathematics at Drexel University. In addition, he has been recognized as a STAR Scholar (Students Tackling Advanced Research), an Ambassador of Drexel University and an Undergraduate Research Leader (URL program). In addition, he is the Head Organizer of Philly Codefest, one of the largest hackathons and technology conferences in the United States. Adit is the Microsoft Student Partner representative for Drexel University, and often hosts informative workshops to help build others' soft and hard skills. Adit has has interned as a developer at Susquehanna International Group LLP. and SAP. He hopes to continue his research, and obtain a PhD in the future. In his free time, Adit plays and teaches tennis.


Semanti Basu

I am a sophomore majoring in Electrical engineering. I am interested in technological innovation in any form. The designing of intelligent cyber physical systems specially fascinates me. In the ASK lab I have mainly worked on developing and implementing a prototype to give a robot planning and diagnostic capabilities in non-discrete environments. I am currently interning at Bentley Systems where my work mostly deals with building scalable cloud based software services.

Website: Portfolio

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Hajer Karoui

Ryan Young

Ryan Young is a BS/MS in Software Engineering student in the College of Computing and Informatics. Over the past few years, Ryan has worked on a wide variety of research projects ranging from control software for the humanoid robot platform HUBO to fabric touch sensors. His current research in the ASK lab focuses on planning, execution monitoring, and diagnosis in hybrid domains applied to robotics applications. Ryan hopes to eventually use the research that he is doing to give robots a better understanding of the world around them allowing them to be more effective at performing everyday tasks.

Thomas Heverin

Sarah Kushner

I am a motivated student studying in France. I am doing a Master's in Informatics in an international program jointly offered by the universities Grenoble INP and Joseph Fourier University. It has a largely theoretical curriculum in order to prepare for a career in research. I am working on my thesis in animation at Inria on the IMAGINE team. At Drexel University, I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science and a minor in Digital Media. My concentrations were Data Structures & Algorithms and Computer Graphics & Vision. I equally love technology, art, and people and hope to one day combine them into a magical profession. I also love research and skydiving. And I have a cute rabbit named Cinnamon Louise Bun.

Amndeep Singh Mann

Akshay Finney

Alexandru Nedelcu

Jackie Speck